If a $ 100 budget phone is a fast-food menu and a $ 1000 mainstay is a steak dinner, then the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is comfortably in between the two: a quiet, all-day open cafe with exquisite food.

This is good. More importantly, when it counts, it's fine. Of course you have to order food from the counter and refill yourself with water, but it's worth it as the brunch is fantastic and the prices are reasonable.

The A52 5G is the most speculative of the budget Galaxy A series phones we'll see in the US this year. It has all the basics for $ 499 plus a few nice extras. Its 6.5-inch display has a fast 120Hz refresh rate, which is not worth the price. The main camera has optical image stabilization, which I missed using the more expensive OnePlus 9. The A52 5G is IP67 waterproof and provides added security. And hey, there's a headphone jack too! In this economy!


However, it is not a flagship and the costs will have to be cut somewhere. The frame and back of the device are made of plastic and although I like the matte finish on the back, there are some gaps to the touch that are not very comfortable. There are also no telephoto lenses to complement the wide-angle and ultra-wide cameras, only digital zoom, and depth sensors and macro cameras with dubious utility.

But what's important is here. Samsung currently has the A52 5G on its monthly operating system update list and said it would offer three years of critical Android operating system updates and at least four years of security support. It's a long way to go to maximize your investment in this phone and take advantage of key features: in particular, 5G - Sub-6GHz with hardware support for C-band carrier frequencies will be in use from 2022.

It is increasingly evident that 5G is available for mid-range and budget-friendly phones. In this country, however, it will be a few more years before our 5G network is really good. By maintaining healthy devices over the next few years, the A52 5G will likely last long enough to reach the promised 5G levels.

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